The society has developed several exhibits for viewing at the museum. For consistency and ease, all exhibits have been developed in a 24 x 26 inch format. All photos for exhibits are produced in a sepia tone print. The following is a list of exhibits that are scheduled for exhibition in the museum. During the months that the exhibits are on display at the museum, items from the exhibits will also be displayed on this page. If an organization or museum is interested in securing one of our exhibits for loan, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Electronic Exhibits Schedule

“The People’s Story”

Education and Educators at Nicodemus - April-May 2019

The Kansas-Kentucky Connection - June-August 2019

The Politicians of Nicodemus - September-October 2019

Nicodemus Veterans - From Civil War Vets to the Vietnam War - November 2019

Hunting and Hunters - November 2019

One Line Exhibit Schedule same as above Museum Schedule.