Donate to the Nicodemus Legacy

A great way for descendants to effectively support and preserve your Nicodemus legacy, is to donate personal belongings that contribute to the history and stories of your family or Nicodemus. As descendants you might have photos, documents, or objects that might be suited for donation to our museum. These donations assist us in telling the Nicodemus story. As recipients of these items they will be catalogued, then donated to and housed in one of the most premiere preservation libraries in the nation – Spencer Research Library at Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas. Spencer Research Library is the repository for the Nicodemus Historical Society’s photographic and materials collections. These items are used by students and researching across the nation and is the single largest collection of the documented history of Nicodemus. Objects that are donated remain at the museum and are displayed periodically with appropriate exhibits.

Whether originals or copies we welcome your donations.



Objects large and small are welcome. Our museum has enough space to accept more items. Those items that cannot be accommodated onsite, will be preserved at our archive location in KU.

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Photographs are extremely beneficial for remembering our heritage. So many family old photos get tossed in the attic or basement and forgotten. There has been many valuable photos lost to the elements of time. Please dig those photos out of those dusty places and get them donated.

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The Nicodemus Historical Society have collected numerous documents from the various families such as homestead declarations, obituaries, letters, and so on. We’d love to have some from your family.